The Road to Computer Damnation

Hmm, sometimes the road to damnation is paved with very tiny, teeny, little errors.  Such was the case for me yesterday when I started to investigate why Firefox would not load my site, and why it kept yakking on about SSL certificates.

I won’t bore you with all the little breadcrumbs that lured me to the fiery furnace world of computer damnation, suffice to say that they seemed quite innocuous and entirely “fixable” by my (now acknowledged) hideously scanty understanding of all things hidden deep within they system.

A little bit on knowledge is a very dangerous thing, and armed with such from Google it lead me to do the wrong thing, which resulted in me managing to completely wipe out access to this site, initially as an administrator through WordPress, but then, after more Google inspired tinkering, to completely loose the whole website!


I tried everything to figured it out myself- followed info I googled – but nothing worked.  In the end I gave up, feeling disgusted with myself for tinkering in the first place, but convinced I should have been able to fix it.  I should have known that this was beyond me, and that google is not to be trusted (in some cases) unless you are an absolute computer geek.

This morning I bit the bullet and asked my hosting site, Bluehost, for help.  They were fantastic and fixed it all for me in about 15 minutes of live chat.  Very impressed with their service.

I’m never going to tinker again unless I absolutely KNOW what the heck I am doing.  Maybe I should go and do a computer course (I always wanted to, right from High School all those years ago), sigh, but I think my brain is too old and slow to be able to keep up these days.

Frittering the day

I’ve spent all day playing with the layout, importing my 2014 posts, installing a plugin to help with upgrading the links for the photos after the importing, and then I realised:

  • the comment counts weren’t showing on my posts (the comments were there, but the count wasn’t) – BIG problem for a “it’s all got to be perfect” person like me;
    • (Google – yep; I can fix that, but do I want to? – it’s going to take a lot of effort to do them individually as I don’t want to run some script that I don’t fully understand – answer:  No)
  • after creating pages, changing menus to accommodate importing the blog I didn’t like it;
    • scrapped them all when I realised the layout just doesn’t work here – I like my blog the way it looks now.

So, some time wasted, but enjoyably so.  I learnt that this theme doesn’t work for my blog, but I like it for my website.  May have to do some more exploring to see if I can find one that works for both.

Still have to investigate the digital shop – so maybe tomorrow I can play with that.  🙂

Start of a new adventure

I like playing with WordPress.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it confuses the heck out of me, but I like trying to make something new.  This is the start of a new, combined, website for me, where I hope to pull together all my bits and pieces into one place.  Currently I have links to my existing Blog (over at and my jewellery shop (over at Etsy).  I hope to work out soon how to get them living here, rather than accessed through a link.  Something to look forward to.  🙂